Wing Chun is Intelligent

Training focuses on the use of efficient movement to deliver devastating results.

Wing Chun is Universal

Learn to use an attacker’s aggression to your advantage, regardless of your size or strength.

Wing Chun is Compact

Learn the entire system in a year — spend a lifetime perfecting it.

At SPRINGS WING CHUN we train in an authentic KUNG FU as handed down by grandmaster IP MAN to his son IP CHING. We provide a safe environment in which students train hard under close supervision.

We value dedication and hard work more than the ritual and pretense. There are no uniforms, no belts, and no ranks — And you will never be asked to pay a testing fee.

Wing Chun training offers a numbers of benefits beyond just the rare instance of self-defense. Increase your strength, flexibility, balance, focus and confidence through dedication to this powerful martial art!

Group Classes are available to students three times a week and private lessons are available. Please visit our Classes page to find out more. Classes are only open to adults, 18 years old and older.

Chi Sao at Springs Wing Chun

Springs Wing Chun founder, Chet Hardin

Springs Wing Chun founder Chet Hardin and his sifu, Russ Cichon

Springs Wing Chun founder Chet Hardin and his sifu, Russ Cichon

Chet is a 3rd-generation student in the Ip Man lineage. He began his martial arts training in 1999 under the guidance of Sifu Russell Cichon — Master Ip Ching’s first American disciple.

In 2010, Chet moved to Colorado Springs from Albany, New York. On a visit to his sifu’s school, he received permission to take on his own students.

Before setting foot into his sifu’s school, Chet had never trained in any fighting style. He has been dedicated solely to his lineage for 16 years. Yet, Springs Wing Chun has students from many styles, including boxing and Shaolin.

As sifu, Chet encourages students to feel comfortable in his training studio, and challenged by the martial art that he loves.